Youth Loan: the best loans for Young Under 30 or Under 35


The banking market also moves around the needs of young people who, in recent years, do not, however, have an average fixed income. The lack of salaries deriving from permanent contracts did not, however, completely discourage credit institutions from granting loans to young people.

Young people under 30 or under 35 are a particular clientele who generally turn to banks for loans of smaller entities than adults who, on the other hand, request them for the purchase of a first home. The money needs of young people are mostly times for the purchase of a car or for the coverage of study expenses or for the coverage of long-term travel.

We must not forget, however, also young people who require money to be able to open new businesses and thus be able to start their working life in entrepreneurial and perhaps innovative fields. Whether it is machinery or investments, there is an urgent need for cash to start your own business.

Loans from Europe and possibilities

Loans from Europe and possibilities

Europe has also thought of young people because they have often been given subsidized loans specifically designed for the start of commercial activities, or start-ups, loans coming from the European Union with a non-repayable and / or regional origin.

Generally these loans have no preliminary costs and the rate is zero; all this is designed to facilitate people who want to invest in their future without burdening them with additional burdens.

Considering all of the above, it does not seem impossible to be able to obtain, even by young people, a loan in the absence of a constant source of income.

Many banks invest in this market segment, so it is possible to proceed with wide-ranging online searches in order to find the right solution that is right for you.

Different possibilities of loans

Take for example personal loans that allow you to obtain up to 60,000 USD from Lite Bank with the loan called PerTe Prestito Giovani offered by Lite Bank.

This type of loan has also been designed for those who have a fixed-term contract or a so-called atypical contract, guaranteed, however, by at least a minimum duration of one and a half years. The loan is intended also for freelancers who cannot provide certainty of their income.

The offer that this bank offers is also open to customers of other credit institutions and in the case of loans of 30,000 USD, you can think of amortization plans distributed over 10 years.

In this case the amount of the investigation is calculated for an amount equal to 1.50% of the amount requested, but the entire loan is completely exempt from the costs of collecting the installment, from stamp duty and from the disbursement that for communication between the credit institution and the customer.

Another possibility is the study loan which is specially presented for students who request it. This offer provided by the Cream Bank Master guarantees an amount between 2,000 and 15,000 USD which are aimed at post-graduate masters and are repayable with plans between 18 and 96 months.

The TAN and the APR are quite interesting and the rate is fixed with the forecast of a three-year pre-amortization period during which only interest can be paid without immediately repaying the capital required.

On the internet it is easy to be able to check and view the various offers, especially since for fairly modest loans, you can compare more possibilities, thanks to the online comparison.

Agree Bank, for example, is an entity belonging to a French group and gives its young customers a fairly flexible loan that allows you to skip a number equal to three installments throughout the duration of the loan without incurring penalties.

The requirements for obtaining the loan are assessed in a maximum time period of 48 hours, so it can be said to be quite short and you can get a loan of 10,000 USD to be repaid within 72 months.

The sum does not include any costs of practice or even costs for periodic communications.

The loan that Cream Bank offers comes from the Cream Bank credit platform, an online credit that has been active on the market since 2011. This opportunity is also offered by a recognized and certified credit institution, leader in the online market: calculating a loan of $ 5,000 with interest of TAN and APR expected, with a duration of 60 months provides for a total repayment of 5558 USD, doing the math.

The benefit it gives allows the possibility of being able to skip an installment and, not only that, the flexibility that can be enjoyed allows you to change the amount of the installment and also the time of the financing, therefore an extension or a reduction of the same.

More than ever, this loan for young people is highlighted in the fact that it can be requested directly online.

Poste Italiane is also an institution available to loan for young monthly students who can also be requested without having a paycheck.

What is needed are the health card and a payroll. The age of majority is necessarily required and only small amounts can be requested, between 750 and 1500 USD which are directly credited to the postepay card.

The post offices also offer another package of loans that can always be requested even if you do not have a paycheck, as for the previous method, as long as you have a postepay evolution card or a bancoposta current account.

These are the minimum requirements to be able to promote your request which has three different denominations, that is 1000 USD, or 2000, or even 3000. They are not huge figures, but they can be useful to young people to be able to start their own activities or in any case to be able to ususfrom the necessary sums. Obviously, like all postal products, they can be requested from post offices.

Findomestic is another possibility on the market which provides for the possibility of having, for a base of 5,000 USD, an amount to be reimbursed of approximately 6004, but without ancillary costs, which could, with the same installment, affect the final repayment price .

For young people under 30, there are opportunities at the bank.

There is the bank project which allows loans of up to $ 30,000 to be obtained which must be reinstated up to a maximum of 84 months. The Tan is relatively lower than others, as well as expenses and there is the possibility of skipping installments provided that a recovery is foreseen and only in the event of a serious impediment to the customer.

Still other opportunities can be sought, always with online research, because the financing possibilities for young people, even if with variable ages, are always being studied by credit institutions.

So it is necessary to keep up to date to know the latest news and to be able to have a wider range of choice to access.

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